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Co-op Multiplayer Update and More
Hey everyone, this is Tommy from Table Flip Games and I wanted to make some noise about a new and significant update to Sure Footing . First up, it's been a cou...
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v1.0.3 - Co-op Multiplayer, PCG Debug and More
Sure Footing version 1.0.3 is now live on Steam. While we're working on our planned roadmap of new single and multiplayer content, we've been working on new co...
2 files — 1.0.3
Sure Footing v1.0.1 goes live on March 30th
Hey everyone, It's been several months since the last update to Sure Footing here on However, we're pleased to announce that the game will be receivin...
2 files — 1.0.1
Sure Footing v0.94.5 Patch Notes
Version 0.94.5 is a smaller update before the big one. We’ve been updating a ton of background stuff that is *almost* ready to be in the game. But for now...
3 files — 0.94.5
Sure Footing v0.94.4 Patch Notes
Version 0.94.4 has been an interesting update for us, as we’ve updated and improved a lot of stuff that you’ll see in the game, but also in other areas to m...
3 files — 0.94.4,
Sure Footing v0.94.3 Patch Notes
Hello and welcome fellow runners! Version 0.94.3 of Sure Footing brings some balance tweaks, gameplay improvements and a lot of small changes to Sure Footing...
3 files — 0.94.3
Sure Footing v0.94.2 Patch Notes
Version 0.94.2 brings a big new addition to Sure Footing and minor bug fixes. Here's a breakdown of what we added and improved: NEW FEATURES: MULTIPLAYER! This...
3 files — 0.94.2
Sure Footing 0.94.1 Patch Notes
As we move into v0.94.1 for April 2017, we're looking to address some recent feedback received at EGX Rezzed as well as some minor areas of polish we've been lo...
3 files — 0.94.1

Welcome to Sure Footing's community forums!  Here we will keep you up-to-date about new updates and issues that we discover.

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If you encounter any problems, be it big or small, we really would appreciate it, if you would let us know! We want you...
started by Table Flip Games Sep 27, 2016
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Morning all, We've been super busy at EGX Rezzed these past two days with setting up our stall as well as getting the ga...
started by Table Flip Games Mar 31, 2017
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Our March build moves Sure Footing over to version 0.94 as we introduce a host of new features, improvements, upgrades a...
started by Table Flip Games Mar 29, 2017
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Hey everyone, We felt it was high time we started making motions towards getting Sure Footing on Steam. While we're stil...
started by Table Flip Games Mar 08, 2017
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February 2017 continues our gradual improvements to UI and performance that we started last month. You should see a numb...
started by Table Flip Games Feb 27, 2017
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Hey everyone, we're excited to announce that Sure Footing will be on the show floor at the EGX Rezzed event in the Londo...
started by Table Flip Games Feb 19, 2017
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Good morning all and happy new year to our First-Access players! 2017 is off to a great start for Sure Footing as we rol...
started by Table Flip Games Jan 27, 2017
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Just in time for the holidays we're pushing our final patch of 2017. We're bringing a bunch of small improvements, bug f...
started by Table Flip Games Dec 20, 2016
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Hi folks, We've been working away on optimisation and improving the quality of the first-access build of Sure Footing. T...
started by Table Flip Games Dec 01, 2016
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Hey everyone, A quick update to announce that the latest build of Sure Footing is now online on You can downloa...
started by Table Flip Games Oct 31, 2016
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