Co-op Multiplayer Update and More

Hey everyone, this is Tommy from Table Flip Games and I wanted to make some noise about a new and significant update to Sure Footing.

First up, it's been a couple of months since the last update. Sorry about that, we've all been busy on a bunch of things and one of the things we *have* been doing that I can talk about, is working on stability updates, some new content and working away on porting Sure Footing to other platforms. Back in June we pushed version 1.0.3 which included a bunch of UI improvements, improved performance, the PCG debug mode but also a beta build of the co-operative multiplayer modes. This week sees the launch of version 1.0.4 which adds new new modes, improvements to core gameplay, UI polish and a further improved co-op multiplayer, as well as a bunch of other stuff in general. So let's walk through the biggest changes.

Co-op Multiplayer

Alrighty first up let's talk multiplayer. Multiplayer has had a bunch of TLC in the past month or so, with the versus multiplayer getting a bunch of balance tweaks and improvements, plus the HUD has also been improved in order to make it a little clearer for identifying which UI is for which player, as well as a ping feature that let's you quickly check where you are in the game if you get all confused. 

But on top of all that stuff, we also added in the new co-operative multiplayer. In the last update we pushed out the first mode in beta: the co-operative survival mode. Here you have to make sure you stick together and run as far as you can while Dave is hot on your tail. We've since improved the UI for this mode so you can see your active score multiplier, as well as add in a new revival feature - where if one of your team dies and you survive long enough, a gold crate will appear that - when smashed - will respawn one of your deleted teammates. But of course we're not making it super easy for you - you gotta make sure you hit the crate otherwise the respawn won't happen. Or you could just ignore it if you're not a team player or just wanna wind up your friends next to you.

Also in this build we just added another co-op mode where you have to collect the MIP target together in the time you have left. In our next content update we'll be looking to improve overall balance and any bugs that crop up. 

Single Player

But hey just because the multiplayer was getting a lot of love doesn't mean single player misses out. First up, the single player UI gets a little bit of love. We tidied up the HUD a little bit, polished the power-up charge bars but also added in a new quickstart mode in survival. If you've played survival already, the game will remember what power-ups you used the last time around. Next time you go in, all you have to do is use the quickstart option on character select to boot up with that chosen power-up load out. Ideal if you have a particular loadout you like but want to change character or skin.  Hey we even added controller rumble support because it's 2005 and we figured that might be cool for some folk.


Last but not least we tidied up a bunch of bugs that cropped up in the last build that slipped past us. This includes fixing the sprint controls on gamepads, as well as improving the left stick controls which were super weird and messed up. Plus that loading icon was broken too! 


We're still tidying up some background systems to run more smoothly - which is proving handy for porting to other platforms - but are still adding in new content over the coming months. While we're still polishing the co-op multiplayer we've still got two more multiplayer modes to put in in the coming months. But before that we're pushing new single player content with new challenge modes that include big MIP bonuses (and even some exclusive skins) are lined up next. I'm looking forward to getting it out there.

Alright, I'm going back to work. Keep running and we'll see you in the next update real soon! 

- Tommy, [Programmer, Table Flip Games]


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