Sure Footing v0.94.5 Patch Notes

Version 0.94.5 is a smaller update before the big one.  We’ve been updating a ton of background stuff that is *almost* ready to be in the game.  But for now, we’re working on a stack of polish tweaks and bug fixes for you.  Here’s what’s in store in this build:


  • Player Stat UI: Want to find out how much time you’re putting into Sure Footing, well now you can!  Find out about your total running distances and MIPs collected.

  • New Costumes: Each character now has four new tracksuit costumes to run in.

  • Background Characters: The Pixelites have received a fresh set of skins.  So now they really stand out in the crowd.


  • Quick Restart Improvements: You can now quick-restart even after you’ve died.  We used to disable that but now it’s working.

  • Dave polish: Dave has had some small improvements to his behaviour both in-game and during animations.

  • Character Select:

    • Character select now lets you see how each character stacks up to one another.

    • We’ve also made some improvements to the view and character selection.

    • Players can now easily return back to the character select from power-up select.

  • PCG Polish: Improved positioning of some platforms.

  • Power Up Select:

    • Improvement to power-up positioning and visibility.

  • Multiplayer Polish:

    • Balanced the PCG to prevent specific effects occurring more frequently.

    • Player logins now identify player number.

    • Improvements to character select.

    • Improved the balance of players bouncing atop one another.  Hopefully it’s a little more forgiving now!

  • HUD:

    • Power-ups now no longer have the back-frames on them to let them stand out a little.

    • Quick-restart prompt appears on death in the HUD.  


This month has seen a number of bugs from both single and multiplayer ironed out.  Plus we’ve identified a couple more that we hope to address in the next month or so.

  • [FIXED]: The credits screen was broken in the build, but it’s fixed now!

  • [FIXED]: Players could manipulate parts of the pause screen during the unpause countdown.

  • [FIXED]: Unpause countdown appeared when quitting the level.  Fixed that.

  • [FIXED]: Players could still apply power-ups in multiplayer after they died, which just doesn’t make any sense!

  • [FIXED]: Resolved a bug where the multiplayer would pause for long periods after a player dies.

  • [FIXED]: Errors causing in single and multiplayer by Pixeley’s fog.

  • [FIXED]: Some of the sector effects will occurring in strange ways using the forward camera.

  • [FIXED]: Polly Polygon had some problems with specific costumes where her leg looked wrong.  We’ve fixed that for good!

We’re now on a path towards launch for Sure Footing and that means we’ll have one or two big updates prior to the final launch, with smaller updates closer to launch mostly on bug fixes and more cosmetic content.  As always, thanks for playing and if you have any bugs or issues don’t hesitate to get in touch in our bug thread here on

[Tommy, Table Flip Games]


MacOS 224 MB
Version 0.94.5 Oct 03, 2017
Windows (32 bit) 456 MB
Version 0.94.5 Oct 03, 2017
Windows (64 bit) 462 MB
Version 0.94.5 Oct 03, 2017

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