Sure Footing v0.94.2 Patch Notes

Version 0.94.2 brings a big new addition to Sure Footing and minor bug fixes.  Here's a breakdown of what we added and improved:


  • MULTIPLAYER! This is a big one that we’ve never put out in the public domain before now.  2-4 player local multiplayer that runs in Sure Footing is being soft launched over the next couple of months on the first-access build.

    • Players can now access the separate multiplayer menus from the start-screen.

    • Our soft launch introduces our first competitive scoring mode: distance survival. Run as far as you can: the top score wins!

    • A special variant procedural generation system runs under the hood just for the multi-player mode.

    • Players can play as Pete, Polly, Blip or Plunk with any of the costumes already released in-game.

    • Power-ups are locked to one of three options: double-jump, phaser and crate shock.

      IMPORTANT: Multiplayer requires two or more gamepads to play.


  • Tweaked the in-game UI for a brighter look.

  • Continued updates to UI screens for controller sticks and d-pads.

  • Controller layouts added to pause screen if you need a reminder.



Given we’ve just pushed out the entire multi-player system, we’ve been smashing through new bugs as fast as we can.  We have however noticed a couple of odd bugs we’re going to try and address with a new patch as soon as possible.

  • [NEW] MP scoring systems prone to thinking the last person who was killed actually won the round.  We’re also checking if this is impacting single-player scoring modes.

  • [NEW] Deletion Dave is ignoring colliding with background props and Pixelites (not a huge issue, we know, but it bums us out as we thought it looked kinda cool).

  • [FIXED] Minor issues with the rainfall when running through LAN-DN.


Our summer plans are to push a number of new scoring modes and features to for both single and multi-player.  We have a collection of competitive, cooperative and party game modes which will gradually be launched once we’re confident they’re ready to go!  In addition, single-player will see the launch of the challenge modes: with special score modes being released for daily and weekly challenges.

We hope you enjoy the new additions to Sure Footing.  Any bugs or issues don’t hesitate to get in touch in our bug thread here on

[Tommy, Table Flip Games]


MacOS 224 MB
Version 0.94.2 May 31, 2017
Windows (32 bit) 456 MB
Version 0.94.2 May 31, 2017
Windows (64 bit) 462 MB
Version 0.94.2 May 31, 2017

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