Sure Footing v0.94.4 Patch Notes

Version 0.94.4 has been an interesting update for us, as we’ve updated and improved a lot of stuff that you’ll see in the game, but also in other areas to make our lives easier in the coming months.  But in the meantime, you can enjoy new multiplayer content, cosmetic improvements, some balance tweaks and loads of bug fixes.  Here’s what’s in store:


  • New Multiplayer Score Modes: Not one, not two, but FOUR new multiplayer scoring modes.

    • Kilobyte Cache: Be the first to reach the distance target.

    • MIP Mayhem: Survival with a twist, you gotta collect as many MIPS as you can.

    • MIP Master: Be the first to reach the MIP target.

    • Smash and Bash: Smash crates and bash on each others heads to reach the score target.


  • Rest Streets: Two new rest streets now appear in-game.

  • Character Skins: All of the character skins got a small lick of paint recently.  We wanted to tidy them up a little bit.

  • Multiplayer Win: The game now clearly identifies the game-over in multiplayer.

  • Power Up Statues: The power-ups have received a lick of paint, we also renamed them to fit more with the in-game lore.

  • Multiplayer SFX: Characters are now a little more chatty in the multiplayer menus.

  • Multiplayer Scores: Players can now see their individual scores in the UI.

  • Multiplayer Balance: We’ve made a few changes once more to make things more interesting:

    • Run and Jump: Small tweaks to run speeds and jump heights.

    • Power Boosts: Power-ups have received a boost!

    • Multiple Power-ups: Each score mode allows players to now use three power-ups instead of one.  You automatically get to use all three power-ups by default, but you only have one charge bar to use across all three.


This month has seen a number of bugs from both single and multiplayer ironed out.  Plus we’ve identified a couple more that we hope to address in the next month or so.

  • [FIXED]: The fog effect in Pixeley would not appear in multiplayer.

  • [FIXED]: The camera-flip effect in K-SAN would not appear in multiplayer.

  • [FIXED]: At the end of a multiplayer game players that were in-air would snap back towards Deletion Dave.

  • [FIXED]: Multiplayer game rankings were incorrect and often giving the victory to the wrong player.

  • [FIXED]: A bug where power-ups would no longer work after a restart triggered in the pause menu.

  • [FIXED]: In addition, a bug where quitting in the pause menu and then starting the game would result in power-ups not working has been fixed.

  • [FIXED]: A bug where moving from highest to lowest quality settings would not result in an update until after game-restart.

  • [FIXED]: Game crashes caused by a specific level generation system.

  • [FIXED]: Single player leaderboard rankings would not scroll or order correctly.

  • [FIXED]: The player could die as they initiate a teleport and then re-appear after the teleport ends.

  • [FIXED]: The welcome signs would not always appear when visiting new sectors.

  • [IDENTIFIED]: The invincibility on multiplayer start does not occur on some occasions when restarting after end of a previous game.

  • [IDENTIFIED]: Player periodically fall through the floor when on rest areas during multiplayer games.

  • [IDENTIFIED]: Some sector effects act incorrectly when running in the forward camera mode.

  • [IDENTIFIED]: Players are sometimes slowed-down by Dave’s hands being in front of them.

Sure Footing is slowly coming together behind the scenes.  The new additions to the game will be a slow process in the next couple of months as we’re waiting to have everything ready before showing it in the build.  As always, thanks for playing and if you have any bugs or issues don’t hesitate to get in touch in our bug thread here on

[Tommy, Table Flip Games]


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Version 0.94.4 Jul 31, 2017
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Version 0.94.4 Jul 31, 2017
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We've been made aware that v0.94.4 is causing significant game-breaking errors for a number of players.  We've isolated the bug that is causing this and looking to roll out the 0.94.5 patch early next week that should address this issue.

In the meantime, if you're struggling to run the game, you can rollback via the client to the build which is currently still stable.  We apologise for the inconvenience and hope to get the game back up and running as soon as possible.

- Tommy, Table Flip Games.