v1.0.3 - Co-op Multiplayer, PCG Debug and More

Sure Footing version 1.0.3 is now live on Steam.  While we're working on our planned roadmap of new single and multiplayer content, we've been working on new content as well as optimisations.  Whilst on the road in the UK showing off the game, we made a bunch of small improvements that are being rolled out today.  We have some new multiplayer features and improvements as well as a big change on in-game performance.  

New Multiplayer Content and Polish
The latest update brings co-operative multiplayer with distance survival, whereby players can work together to get the highest score they possibly can.  The more of you that are alive, the higher your score multiplier becomes.  It's still in beta at this stage and I'm working on adding the ability to revive dead characters and better improve the UI for co-op modes.

In the meantime, we also added a stack of small improvements to multiplayer.  A new MP ping on the RB button on controllers to allow you to double check where you are on screen.  The HUD now shows your selected character on screen.  We give you a reminder of your power-up layout for a given multiplayer mode in the pause screen.

Game Performance Improvements
We're working hard on improving overall performance of the game so it runs faster and smoother on a variety of platforms.  One immediate change we're launching this week is optimisation of in-game textures - plus removal on unneeded old assets.  This has the games install size drop by over 0.5GB but without impacting visual performance and quality.  I'm still working on improvements for this part in the coming months.

PCG Debug Mode?
Ever wondered how the underlying PCG architecture works in Sure Footing?  Enable the PCG debug mode from the options screen and you can see where we place the triggers necessary to add and remove content while you play.  We'll update this with some more info over time as well.

Bug Fixes
Last but not least, a stack of little bug fixes.  Including a big one that might have broken multiplayer for some players.  Sorry about that!  Naturally if anything breaks, get in touch via the community tabs right here and let me know, I'll get working on a fix as soon as I can.  

And that's it for v1.0.3! Let us know what you think of the new build and please help spread the word and get your friends playing Sure Footing! To keep up to date on all things Sure Footing as and when they happen, keep an eye right here on our YouTube channel, our store pages as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

Plus you can visit our new Discord server too over at the link below, come hang out with us and talk to us about the new update.

Best of luck out there and don't forget to keep running!

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Windows (32 bit) 456 MB
Version 1.0.3 Jun 19, 2018
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Version 1.0.3 Jun 19, 2018

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