Sure Footing 0.94.1 Patch Notes

As we move into v0.94.1 for April 2017, we're looking to address some recent feedback received at EGX Rezzed as well as some minor areas of polish we've been looking to improve.

At present we're working on some new features that should roll out in May or June and as such the number of new features this month are reduced. But fear not, more cool stuff is on the way!


  • New Options: Players can now set the default camera angle on game start as well as a new anti-aliasing feature.


  • Revamped Power-Up Selection UI: We rebuilt the power-up selection UI in order to be more practical for future use, as well as making it a little easier to understand.
  • Revamped in-game UI: New HUD has been introduced in order to make life easier.
  • General UI Improvements: General improvements to user input and responsiveness in UI screens.
  • Increased Size of Rest Streets: This is more of a game balancing issue. We made the streets twice as large to allow for a bigger break between running through sprints.


  • Removed a bug where power-ups could be activated in the pause screen (which was kinda funny).
  • Removed a bug where the up/down D-Pad controls are inverted in the UI screens.

Thanks as always for your continued patience and support! I hope you enjoy this new build. This months build is a little sparse but we will have big updates coming for both May and June. :D

Tommy, Table Flip Games


MacOS 224 MB
Version 0.94.1 May 03, 2017
Windows (32 bit) 456 MB
Version 0.94.1 May 03, 2017
Windows (64 bit) 462 MB
Version 0.94.1 May 03, 2017

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