Sure Footing v0.94.3 Patch Notes

Hello and welcome fellow runners! Version 0.94.3 of Sure Footing brings some balance tweaks, gameplay improvements and a lot of small changes to Sure Footing.  Here's a breakdown of what we added and improved:


  • No new features added this month!  We’re just polishing up some of the old stuff.  Be back next month for some shiny new content.


  • Performance Improvements: we’ve added two new low-level quality settings for players with lower-spec machines.  In addition, we also made some changes to performance behind the scenes to have it run more smoothly on low-spec systems.  Any feedback you have on this is appreciated!

  • Loading screen: if the opening screen is a little slow for you, we added a loading screen to help mark your progress.

  • The power-up selection screen has received a revamp.  Including some new features:

    • You can now hot swap a power-up from one button to another.

    • Buff selection has been removed for now.  We have plans to bring it back very soon.

  • Just like multiplayer, the single-player now has a 3 second countdown for when players unpause during gameplay.

  • A slew of small multiplayer balance tweaks, including:

    • Increase of the character selection timer to 10 seconds.

    • Reduce the size of the start street at the beginning.

    • Increasing the running speed and jump heights of all characters.

    • Camera is now more responsive to changes in environment and the position of all active players.

    • The bounce counter has been reduced from 3 bounces in 5 seconds to 2 bounces in 3 seconds: meaning after you’ve been bounced on twice you will have a 5-second reprieve from being bounced on.

    • Minor visual improvements.

  • The teleport power-up has been completely re-written and nerfed to be a lot less powerful.  It now teleports a fixed distance ahead of the player.  Also, teleporter previously caused some game-breaking bugs that were very difficulty to stop from happening in the original version.  So we decided it wise to re-write from scratch.

  • Improved transitions to and from the LAN-DN sector.

  • Deletion Dave has received some changes to his behaviour.  Including a collection of new attacks and um… gloats?  He’s going to rub it in your face when he wins in future.

  • Three new level generation modes have been added to both single and multiplayer modes.  These will mix up the behaviour of the level generator more on MP (and add to over 10+ modes in SP)


Given we’ve just pushed out the entire multi-player system, we’ve been smashing through new bugs as fast as we can.  We have however noticed a couple of odd bugs we’re going to try and address with a new patch as soon as possible.

  • [FIXED] MP scoring systems prone to thinking the last person who was killed actually won the round.  We’re also checking if this is impacting single-player scoring modes.

  • [FIXED] There were issues with players logging out of multiplayer in the start menu.  This has been fixed.

  • [FIXED] There was a small bug in the start screen as you enter the options menu.  You might have noticed it, you might not.  But we fixed it!

We hope you’re enjoying Sure Footing right now.  We have plenty to come very shortly.  In addition, we’re currently building the Steam instances of the game for the eventual launch, so a lot of exciting work happening right now!  In the meantime, thanks for playing and if you have any bugs or issues don’t hesitate to get in touch in our bug thread here on

[Tommy, Table Flip Games]




MacOS 224 MB
Version 0.94.3 Jul 03, 2017
Windows (64 bit) 462 MB
Version 0.94.3 Jul 03, 2017
Windows (32 bit) 456 MB
Version 0.94.3 Jul 03, 2017

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